We are able to supply foam cut to most sizes and shapes, peeling, loose chip foam, dacron, convoluted foam, memory and latex feel foam, flame-retardant foam, as well as foam mattresses. We also manufacture hollow-fibre and ball-fibre scatter cushions and pillows. We can customize foam according to your needs. We carry a large range of foam grades in stock, but if we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to get it for you.

All foam supplied conforms to the latest SABS specification, and is hypoallergenic.

Foam qualities are based on density, the higher the density the longer the foam will last. The hardness factor measures the feel of the foam and has very little bearing on lifespan.

Foam Grades

Grade Colour Density Hardness General Applications
LR12/10 Blue / White 12 9 Budget cot mattresses, peeling
LR16/12 White 16 12 Premium cot mattresses, budget firm furniture backs
LR18/6 White 18 6 Premium soft furniture backs
LR20/16 Pink 20 15 Premium firm furniture backs
LR23/20 Brown 23 20 Budget hard furniture seats, office furniture backs
LR30/15 Purple 30 15 Premium firm furniture seats and mattresses
LR30/20 Grey 30 20 Premium hard furniture seats, office furniture seats
LR35/12 Green-grey 35 12 Premium firm furniture seats and mattresses
CL45 Mixed 45 18 Budget mattresses
CL55 Mixed 55 20 Budget office furniture seats
CL64 Mixed 64 23 Premium office furniture seats and mattresses
CL80 Mixed 80 28 Premium office furniture and automotive seats
Memory White 60 12 Premium mattress toppers
Latex Feel Yellow 45 12 Premium mattress toppers